Monthly Archives: September 2018

Tracking of Real News Versus the Scenarios

We continue to track actual news and compare it to the events and scenarios developed in these workshops.

The idea is to (1)have a kind of early warning system to alert people to developing problems that can throw us off track and (2)have a way to see if we are getting the future we said we wanted in 2011-2012.  This work to followup on a plan is seldom done and can be very effective.

To handle the database for tracking, we developed a different website.  It is at this address:

We will post summary presentations here from time to time.  The next talk on this topic is in late October 2018 and the presentation will be posted here.

The result from 6 years of tracking show the region to be largely on moving toward Scenario C, The Sustainable Future and Scenario B, Sustainable Recreation.  There are a few items, like wood biomass heating, that haven’t done well, but it is remarkably on track.  I believe this is because these scenarios reflected what people were/are actually doing, not some grand alternative vision.  They explained where people were already heading and gave it all some context and framing.  NYS has been helpful in all sorts of ways because they see it as common ground, derived from lots of people.  The classic conflicts among the advocacy groups certainly still exist but they don’t dominate the region’s conversations like they used to.