Events and associated evidence concerning highways and public transportation can be found here in the Scenario Framework Navigation Tool.

Transportation issues affect our migration away from fossil fuels as well as our ability to attract more visitors to the area.  Our hopes of attracting more teleworkers also require better transportation, for many teleworkers need to travel to a client or to the employer on a regular basis.  Improved shared transportation to and from airports is needed.  It could be a properly timed bus route.  It could be properly scheduled cross-Park helicopter routes.  Two rail lines (into Newcomb and into Newton Falls) are already being reactivated.

Public transport is also an issue for older people and for people who need to get to medical appointments.  If there was easier transport, more people would visit a doctor regularly.

A regional transportation planning summit could include people from all the relevant airports, bus systems, railroads, etc.  There is no known integrated transportation plan.  A first summit might simply share knowledge of current projects.

  • Hold regional transportation planning conference
  • Continue to work for expansion of flights for all regional airports

Planning of inter-hamlet trails, mostly foot trails and bike trails, is a significant task ahead.  Greater designation of bike lanes in hamlets and throughout the Park is required as we try to encourage less use of automobiles.  Other ride sharing approaches need to be tried.

  • Create  an ADK ride sharing or package handling web site; car sharing like Zip Car in cities is soon to be technically enabled for any GM Onstar car

Short-haul, light electric vehicles can be a good solution for use within hamlets, especially for the elderly.  Their use should be considered in future hamlet revitalization efforts.

These is no one working on these issues that we are aware of.

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