Promotion and Branding

Events and associated evidence about promotion and branding can be found here in the Scenario Framework Navigation Tool.

The big issues are (1) attracting more diverse visitors, including more from NYS, more from Canada, and more international travelers and (2) more residents of any sort, (3) more students.  Visitors and students are all potential future residents.  (3) Attracting business startups to the region.  “The Adirondack Park is OPEN for Business” reads a banner in the APA Conference Room.

A broader set of brand images need to be captured for promotion.  The ADK Chair, the ADK Leanto, the ADK Wave – all these hold meanings like welcoming, friendliness, helpfulness, cooperation and respect.  It probably is not one image but a suite of images and tag lines.  “A Park we get to Live In!  Cool!”

  • Develop a promotion campaign targeted at getting people to move here and/or start a business here
  • Develop marketing and promotion that is multi-cultural and multi-national

The CGA2012 working group on promotion and branding is planning to meet again to develop more specific plans in this area.  CGA Core Team member Kate Fish, the Exec Director of ANCA is the point person for the moment.

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