Vision and Strategy

CGA 2013

This year’s Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Forum was a celebration of progress through collaboration.  It was held at the Newcomb Central School on July 18, 2013.  The documentation for the Forum provides summaries of the sessions, including the Keynote address by Bob Bendick of TNC.

We presented our first review of progress over the past year relative to the endstates.  We also previewed a new software tool for exploring the ADK Futures scenario framework.

We also published an updated version of the ADK Futures Vision with photos and more detail.

CGA 2013 Group Photo

CGA 2013 Group Photo

CGA 2012

With the workshop series completed, we have presented the results and the vision and strategy they imply at the 2012 CGA Forum and to the Adirondack Park Agency.  You can access the following files:

2012 Common Ground Alliance

The APA presentation was webcast and the archive of it is available from their website.  Go to the entry for August 16, 2012.  In the webcast window that comes up you can advance to the part of the day with our talk.  We start at hour 4, minute 16.

We have also produced a five page vision paper that puts the vision and strategy into language accessible to anyone and is devoid of the original scenario choices and jargon.

The complete documentation of the feedback and work group reports from CGA 2012 is available for download here.  There was very strong support for the proposed vision and strategy with 93% of attendees saying they agreed or strongly agreed with it.

Our slideshow about our year traveling around the Adirondack Park doing workshops and discussions can be seen on YouTube here.

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