The endstates describe the Park as it might be 25 years from now in 2037.  They are purposefully extreme and attempt to capture particular points of view about what should happen to the Park or what might happen if the best decisions are not made.  The real future of the Adirondack Park will be some combination of these and, indeed, in our workshops we lead people to the point of thinking about how they might be used to create a more realistic composite endstate or perhaps a series of endstates that we go through over time.

As a way of getting people to engage with the endstates, we ask them to rank order them on two measures:

  • Desirability:  Which is the one you (personally) want to happen?
  • Attainability:  Which is the one that we could make happen most easily, given today’s conditions?

After reading the endstates, you can try the ranking as shown below.  So, here are the six endstates:


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