Economic Development

Events with associated evidence on economic development can be found here in the Scenario Framework Navigation Tool.

This strategy envisions a diverse economy with a focus on small business creation and support.  The strategy focuses on these areas:

  • Increase local energy production from biomass, solar, wind, hydro
  • Increase local food production
  • Increase number and diversity of visitors and the amount of money they spend here
  • Attract active retirees to live year all or part time
  • Improve promotion and branding of the Adirondack Park
  • Make the region a center for environmental and biomedical research
  • Develop a Park-wide broadband and cell phone infrastructure
  • Create a support network for small businesses and individuals working over the broadband network

The Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) process has changed the way that New York State allocates development funding to the benefit of the North Country.  The NCREDC (North Country REDC), along with the other 2 regions (Mohawk and Capitol) that contain a portion of the Adirondack Park are the most important routes to funding for projects consistent with this plan.  The CFA process is straight forward.  We strongly encourage anyone with implementation ideas consistent with the strategy to submit them to their Regional Council for consideration. The fact that NCREDC submitted an award winning plan means the region gets preferential funding for projects consistent with the plan.  Because the ADK Futures process involved more than 500 people, it has considerable credibility and allows us to bring it to the attention of the other 2 regions with areas in the Park.

A briefing by Jim Herman and Dave Mason (see the event below) with the Adirondack Working Group, which includes people from the 3 REDCs with parts of the Park is being scheduled.

  • Brief the Strategy and Plan for the Adirondack Park to all three REDCs that have Park in them and encourage creation of an Adirondack Working Group


Just building out the broadband network is not enough.  We must put together an entire supporting ecosystem for startups and net-based entrepreneurs.

A consistent theme in this project has been the need to engage the private sector and individual citizens in implementing this strategy.  In this time of very limited government resources, the private sector, non-profits and grassroots citizens groups have to do more and be more effective.  They also need to work cooperatively with local, State and Federal agencies to get the most done overall.

  • Create an ADK Investment Fund and Entrepreneur Incubator to evaluate business startup ideas within the Park and assist in their funding through seed money, loan guarantees, etc.  Use the expertise of area colleges and participants in the Investment Fund to mentor these startups and help them succeed.  This is in progress.
  • Support and promote the organization of more citizen-sponsored initiatives throughout the Park.


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