FAQs for A: The Wild Park

Why does endstate say hardly anything about what happens to the Park’s Communities?
It was written to represent the point of view of a non-resident voter of New York and their priorities.  It is a point of view that is out there, legitimate, and has to be discussed.  
Couldn’t this endstate co-exist with others?
Not strictly.  Some of the provisions like declining population and lack luster promotion would be incompatible with all the others except the last one.  But, as a more narrow description of the State’s vision for the Forest Preserve, it is compatible with others.
Why is management of the Forest Preserve “hands off”?
We wanted people to work with the idea of wilderness as one encounters it in northern Canada or Alaska.  There, wilderness management is largely hands off and the environment left to its own devices. Also, many of DEC’s policies reflect this stance, such as the inability to clear the forest of blow down after a major storm.  Other endstates contain more active ideas for wilderness management.

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