FAQs for F: Adirondack State Forest

Isn’t this the only endstate that faces up to the harsh reality of what’s coming down the road?
We may in fact be dealing with all the ills described at the beginning of the endstate, but most people see a better response in a combination of other endstates, not this one.

Why wouldn’t non-whites come to the Adirondacks and enjoy its beauty and attractions?
The National Parks report the same lack of diversity in their visitors, but they are experimenting with programs to address it.  With more diverse amenities than camping and hiking, it should be possible to attract a more diverse set of regional, national and international visitors.  The recent history of prisons in the regional is problematic, aka New York’s Siberia.  Research is needed to understand this situation.

Wouldn’t this be a terrible setback for the conservation movement?
Yes, at least symbolically.  However, some have argued that a core wilderness surrounded by working forest surrounded by communities and farm land is an ideal notional landscape for humans to live in harmony with nature.   Doing this as a response to economic collapse is a highly unlikely turn of events from today’s perspective, however.

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