FAQs for E: Post Big-Government Solutions

Isn’t this just a description of what is going on now?
Not if you read the details about professional local government planners and an infusion of private capital.  Still, the general idea of disjointed, town-by-town efforts has struck a chord with people.

Why is there private investment if things are getting frayed around the edges?
There is a wide disparity in the quality of life and wealth levels from town to town in the Park.  Some towns have significant private resources on which they can rely when necessary.

Hasn’t the State been pumping money into the region so that just this outcome doesn’t happen?
Yes.  That’s now, many people are working hard, but this endstate is 25 years from now.  Administrations change and the attention the Park is getting now could be a thing of the past.  The down-state non-white demographic is large and growing its share of voters.


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