Seven Year Update

On March 20, 2019 this seven year update was offered as a webinar to the Common Ground Alliance email list.  The idea was to prepare CGA Forum participants for the selection of topics to have working groups at the 2019 Forum in Lake Placid.

Here is a link to the March 2019 update 2-0

In general the progress is impressive and demonstrates the value of our network of leaders in the region – it is robust, tries to be inclusive, and it knows that alignment behind shared goals is what brings progress to our region.

1 thought on “Seven Year Update

  1. eric carlson

    This a a great tool for passive monitoring of local activists thoughts the data suggests depopulation , drugs , health care access, and k 12 education are serious challenges

    It also suggests wealthy people with investments in the region want the park to continue to add wild areas and are willing to se ry aside a few dollars to ease the transition from Working class jobs in manufacturing , forest products, to a few low paying service ed jobs in hotels and shops


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