FAQs for B: A Usable Park

The State just said no to Casinos within the Park, right?
Yes, but this endstate is a description of the word 25 years from now.  It’s easy to imagine how the first couple Casinos in other areas turn out to be big hits and they allow more, including one up here.  But under the current near term plan, no sites in the Park are on the short list.

Where will all the capital come from to create these new amenities?
The model at the moment is public-private partnerships in which some governmental agency provides enough of the required capital that the return to private investors is enough to attract needed capital. Look at the evidence for the events in the Recreation category about State investments and Private investments.  There is a lot of current activity.

Why will seniors settle here rather than the high growth areas of Florida or the Southwest?
Some market segment of seniors has a lifelong love for the Adirondacks and they want to have the kind of active early retirement that this region can provide, especially with all the new amenities.

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