A New Blog on the Future of the Adirondack Park

We have been engaged in a scenario planning project about the future of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York under the auspices of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA).  The work has proceeded to the point where there is a vision and strategy for the region and now we are beginning to work through various implementation efforts.  With so much going on we are going to use this blog as a way to keep everyone informed and up to date.  We’ll be posting regularly on efforts we know of or discussions we are having with people throughout the Park.

Since the 2012 CGA Forum, we have prepared a document which summarizes the vision and strategy implied by the results of the workshop series.  We have also been starting to track and coordination the various implementation efforts underway.  The blog will report regularly and we will maintain the Implementation Status section of this site as well.

1 thought on “A New Blog on the Future of the Adirondack Park

  1. Larry Powell

    my daughter went to Paul Smiths class of 88 and that introduced me to adk.I loved the area and have returned to vacation numerous times.My early impression was where in the hell do these people work.when I read myadk life mag this weekend I thought maybe I should give my 2 cents worth.The thing that hit me was 550 students lost a year and boomers moving to park trading the young for the old does’nt seem to work for the 25 year plan of the park.I liked the idea of the bike trail that ARTA supported,I am 66 now I told my wife we will never ride it if we are still alive we will probably be to old and frail,because nothing seems to happen to fast in the adk.This is not a statement about the bike and rail debate because we rode the train SL to Placid and back.I think the key in 25 years will be what opportunities for jobs and once the boomers die off will the next generations have the disposible income that we did.I sure hope the adk will prosper for ever because it is such a great area to enjoy with a family.Personal note we will be camping at buck pond this july looking forward to that.


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