How Can You Know the Desired Future is Developing, or Not?

We are pleased to announce the release of our second website for the ADK Futures Project to support implementation efforts.  The first phase ended with the vision statement, but any sort of plan requires a way to know if you are making progress, or not.

This new site will be the public feedback loop allowing everyone to see if we are getting the sustainable future you said you wanted, or some other outcome. It will help regional leaders see where a lot of progress is happening and where things need a boost.

Of course, there is no manager of the whole Park, nor a management team, so implementation of the ADK Futures vision isn’t like any other project we’ve ever run.  It is not a corporate or political project.   You all are the team. This site will let you know how you are doing.

Each of the future events from the workshops now has evidence associated with it.  In almost all cases evidence items include links to the data sources, news stories, press releases or something more than just an assertion by us.  We also add comments, which are just observations, not evidence.

You do not have to create an account and login to see this information but there are benefits to doing so.  You can add evidence you know about including links to it and your estimate of the likelihood of each event.  You can add comments with your observations.  The site will keep track of what evidence you have read and what is new, so you don’t get confused.  There are hundreds of items of evidence already so knowing what you’ve read will be handy.  The data you add will be included in the various statistics going forward so please be serious about it and don’t add junk data.

The vision statement that was the result of all the workshops was sweeping in scope, but it wasn’t just a dream.  At the time we said that lots of work was already underway.  This site will keep you informed about what has actually been happening; more than 400+ evidence items are already in the new site.  Take a look, log in, and bookmark the site so it is easy for you to revisit and get up to date.

The address for the new site is:

The earlier blog site will remain here.  It has all the records of the entire original body of work.  The implementation section has been rewritten to link to this new site’s database.

We will only be posting here when we feel like something important can best be addressed in this blog format – likely to happen from time to time.  But most of our energy will go into keeping the evidence data on the new site as current as possible.

We hope you find this evidence tracking useful.  Go check it out.

Jim and Dave

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