2014 Common Ground Alliance Forum Report

The documentation for this year’s CGA Forum is now available to download here.

The 2014 Forum was largely a work group based format.  Two months before the Forum, the Core Team circulated a survey monkey poll to the entire CGA email list, the ADK Futures email list and the Adk Council also sent a link to members.  People were asked to pick 5 topics of interest for discussion from a list of 29 topics.

The top 14 were each assigned a Core Team member to facilitate.  This report captures the work of all the groups.  If you wanted to be in another group, this is how you find out what they talked about.

Feedback cards were given back to us by 57 of the 170 attendees.  The report transcribes the comments and groups them by topic. There were all sorts of comments:  suggested projects, business ideas, format suggestions, topics for upcoming years and more.  Please do read them. They will help you see you are part of something pretty big, very grassroots, covering a broad set topics and needs.

This is the best comment, capturing what CGA strives to be:   This is one of the most important events of the year in the Adirondacks. The people who attend are the leaders, knowledgeable about the progress, projects, etc. They have a sophisticated understanding of the barriers and issues. They can point the way to next steps

There is rarely much press about Common Ground.  But Brian Mann was at the Forum this year and posted this report.  It does give you a sense of the progress we are experiencing, in a style that is notably different from our national debates.  That is something all of you should be proud of.


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