Adk Research Consortium Keynote Shows New Public Website and Software

Most plans get written then abandoned.  Not ADK Futures.  The new website shown to the public will help everyone track what is actually happening vs all the events and scenarios.  Since no single person runs our Park, we all have to have a quick and easy way to check on progress.

The 2014 Adirondack Research Consortium annual conference was last week.  We offered the keynote this year where we showed how to use the new scenario tracking software.  We talked through screen shots with simple pointers, then we showed an analysis using the database of the last 18-24 months of data on what is actually going on in the Park vs the events and scenarios from the workshop series.  This is the first time we have shown the new software to the public.

Take a minute to review the presentation here: ARC May 2015 draft 1-2.

It will only take you 5 minutes to get a quick primer on how to use the new website.

Next, go to see and try your own hand at using the tool to come up to speed on current events in a category that you are interested in.

The purpose of the new website is to enable anyone to see the progress we are making (or lack of it) on any of the wide range of issues facing the Park.  The vision work has been very successful and literally hundreds of items of evidence showing progress can be viewed.  This whole project is grassroots and, while we have plenty of leaders, we have no boss, no single go-to person responsible for the Park.  We are all responsible for it.  So without a CEO asking ‘what happened to that planning and visioning work?’  we need some kind of public feedback service we can all check any time we’d like to.  That is the need ADKfutures,net is attempting to address.  You can also help do the work of tracking Park-wide activity but registering and participating.  But this will enable anyone to simply check in and see how we’re doing.






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